I reviewed my peer’s blog and would like to make a few suggestions.  The layout of her blog was very easy to view and I like the format.  We both have found it challenging to figure out the blog and how to add content.  The font on the blog was blue on a green background and it was difficult to read.  I suggest that she change the font color or background to make it easier on the eyes to read.  Her picture was pleasing and the titles to her blogs were very helpful for searching topics.  My second suggestion would be to add more pages for a resume and professional activities that would showcase her skills and abilities and interests.  My third suggestion would be to add links to information for her readers if they would like to expand their knowledge.

One  positive aspect of my adolescence was my peer formation later in highschool.  I became part of a Pom Pon group that was comprised of girls who were high achievers and valued their academic performance.  Prior to this I had gone through the transition from a very small school to a large city school in 7th grade and became involved in poor peer groups and