When deciding when to introduce technology and media to your children a parent should look at the research that has been done previously regarding the positive and negative outcomes of this exposure.  On the negative side there have been no advantages to young children in regards to increased knowledge when infants and toddlers are exposed to technology.  DeLoache (2010) tested the effectiveness of several marketed products and found that over a 4 week period there was no increase in the child’s knowledge of targeted words.  In fact babies whose mothers worked with them over the same period showed more recognition of words than the children who watched the television programs. These findings were attributed to the slower pacing of visual and auditory stimulation in a more natural way by the mother. Zimmerman and Christakis found a link between infant/toddler exposure to television and later problems with attention and focus on activities.


On the positive side the older children that were exposed to more controlled electronic media sitedwere able to benefit in the form of perceptual and cognitive development.  Stevens & Muslow, (2006) and Zimmerman &chistkis (2007)