The discussion and exercise we had in class regarding what can we change as an individual to make this experience more effective and what I am willing to contribute to the class as a whole is a mindful prospect.  I am willing to concentrate on making my responses more articulate.  I have always taken this very seriously and since I work in this field I respect the content that I am learning and the ideas and experience that my professors and class mates offer in class.   I will continue to prepare for class and I would like to try and read the entire chapter earlier in the week so that I can review it on Wednesday instead of finishing it on Wednesday.  I will also commit to looking at the blog posts in a broader application format as opposed to a test question that may be right or wrong.  I will work on switching gears in my head on my way to class  so that I can be better prepared to hear and process the information that I will be receiving.  I will say that this exercise over all has motivated me more than any test or quiz I might take in any class.