I have been working on my meditation practice since late August.  I started it in preparation for the upcoming semester.  I do yoga on a fairly regular basis and am familiar with the benefits of meditation.  I started out with just 5 minutes and I am still working on making it a full 10.  It seems the only time I can make it 10 minutes is after a good yoga workout.  My body is probably prepared to settle down at that point.  I know that it makes a difference in how I perceive the world around me and the day to day stressors that I encounter.  I have taught and shared this experience with my son who is a senior and he even shares video posts and information on this with me.  We both feel it makes a difference in how positive we are able to be and feel it helps us in setting goals.  I will continue to work towards this practice.  I read somewhere that we should teach all 3rd graders how to meditate and that we would be impressed with the individuals they become.  I would love to see this happen.


I am going to take away the epigenetics portion of this text to relate it to the trauma experienced by my children I work with.  I will also be taking away the functions of the brain and how different environmental stressors affect brain development and processes.  This is imperative in understanding the behaviors of children who have experienced trauma and/or have a disability of some type,  It gives me a broader perspective when working with them and allows me to educate others who come into contact with them also.  Also the life span developmental milestones have been very helpful.  I had this in my bachelors degree but now I am able to apply it to my everyday situations and view behaviors from that perspective.  It helps to let direct care providers and parents foster or biological know that what they are seeing is “ok” or “may need addressed”.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned a great deal that I will continue to improve upon as I move forward in my degree.