1.  I changed the name on the front of my posts where it says about and the only suggestion I recalled was to add a page for more content on my blog.  I did add a page that I could start placing professional accolades on, such as resume experience, committees etc.  I felt these would be very helpful in the future if I were to use this blog for a professional reason
  2. The connection between the mind and body is a reciprocal relationship.  If the mind experiences stress the body reacts by going into a flight or fight reaction increasing cortisol levels and causing undue stress on the heart and other bodily functions.  Chronic stress can immobilize the body  and cause immune deficiency making the person more susceptible to illness and disease.  Subjective stress is how we view our own well being and when we focus on material things to make us happy we label that hedonic.  When we reach a certain amount of wealth and this does not make us feel happy then it may push us into depression due to the lack of results that we were expecting to get. Wolfe and Fodor (1996) are cited in our book regarding this phenomenon.   Psychological well being comes from our ability to feel competent and interact with our world in satisfying and positive ways.  Social relationships and relatedness contribute ot the overall feeling of well being and psychological wellness and is characterized by having a sense of purpose in life (Diener and Seligman, 2002)..  The book discusses how economically poor individuals report to be unhappier than wealthier individuals, however there is a point of wealth where the happiness barometer no longer has any correlation and many factors contribute after that to our sense of well being both physically and psychologically.